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Bee Clubs

Your bee club can give away a free ticket to the 2021 HONEY Convention!
Your club just needs to give away a ticket to one of your members in whatever fashion you like.
Door Prize
Numbers from a hat
Raffle (501c clubs)
We want to educate beekeepers and their clubs. This is your opportunity to learn many great ideas and bring back that information to your bee club.
Your bee club official will email us the name of the winner and their contact information to honey.convention@gmail.com.
If the winner wants to also email us that is fine.
**We need an email from the club so it is official.
The winner gets to choose which day they what to come to the HONEY Convention.
If they want a lunch that day they need to pay $10.
If they want to come both days then they need to pay for the second day only (lunch is included for that purchased day).
We will contact them on the details of how to make that purchase.
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