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Special Sale

We want to personally thank all our vendors for their support. 

March 20th and 21st, 2020 event has been CANCELLED.

Below is a list of special offers!


Due to cancellation of the HONEY Convention, Strong Microbials Inc would like to extend to you discounted prices for SuperDFM-HoneyBee probiotic:

10 applications - $18.99 $15.19

50 applications - $59.99 $47.99

100 applications - $99.99 $79.99

1000 applications - $499.99 $399.99

2000 applications - $989.99 $791.99

5000 applications - $2489.99 $1991.20

SuperDFM-HoneyBee is the original and most effective honeybee probiotic. See the difference in your hives this spring! Recommended application every 30 days.

Use coupon code HONEY when ordering at StrongMicrobials.com 

Contact Strong Microbials at 1-844-MY-MICRO or info@strongmicrobials.com if you want to get pricing on other items or want to place an order.

*coupon expires April 15, 2020

Wicwas Press.png

Dear Beekeeper,
It’s Andrew Connor, and I had looked forward to seeing a lot of beekeepers at bee meetings in the next few weeks, from South East Michigan to Tennessee to the Yuppers in the Upper Pennisula. Dad was going to be at the Olivarez Bee Day in California, Will County Illinois and Albany NY.
Then this virus thing happened.
As beekeepers, we know how deadly viruses are to honey bees. So, we know we better not take chances with ourselves. I have made a list of some of our favorite Wicwas titles, and a lot of them are being offered at half price during a special sale. Should I call it Going Viral? Or What Shall I Read next look on the web sit for other titles.


Here are books for sale for 50% of list IF YOU PURCHASE $60 OR MORE, based on the sale price.

Author: Title Regular Sale
Blomstedt: Foraging Afar $25 $12.50
Coggshall: Beeswax $20 $10.00
Connor: Bee Sex Essentials $25 $12.50
Connor: Increase Essentials $25 $12.50
Connor: Bee-sentials, A Field guide $25 $12.50
Koeniger: Mating Biology $30 $15.00
Morse: Mead $20 $10.00
Morse: Rearing Queen Honey Bees $20 $10.00
Repasky: Swarm Essentials $25 $12.50
Simon: Equipment Essentials $20 $10.00


Here are our other best-sellers at discount priced below our meeting prices:

Author: Title Regular Sale
Badger: Mead and Honey Wine $35 $25
Caron and Connor: Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping $55 $45
Connor: Keeping Bees Alive (2019) $32 $25
Connor: BeeCabulary Essentials $32 $25
Connor: Package Essentials (our newest book) $30 $25
Lindtner: Garden Plants for Honey Bees $34 $28


To Order
1. Email me with your list. I will figure the total with shipping (if you want them FedEx, please indicate, otherwise I’ll ship USPS). Make sure to include your name, address, phone, and email address.
2. I will send you the amount due via PayPal. Once paid I will ship the book(s).
3. If you want to send a check, let me know what you want and I will figure out the total due. Then you can send a check to Wicwas Press LLC at the above address.
Andrew Connor
Visit www.wicwas.com for a description of these books, but do not use our website ordering system as it will not generate your discount that you deserve for having your conference canceled.

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